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Imagine being able to have an aerial view of your subject photographed from up to 400ft in the air.

Photo Elevate Mast Drone Aerial Photography Essex
See your subject from an amazing aerial perspective  Hire our drone or mast photography service to-day

Established in 2005

Photo Elevate is one of the major players in the UK's field of mast and drone aerial photography

Who uses our services

 Working with production and media companies,  advertising and news agencies, residential and commercial estate agents,  professional property photographers, building and archaeological surveys,  architects,  land developers, boundary disputes, construction site aerial photography, insurance claims,  outdoor functions and sporting events,  weddings,  landscape designers, hotels,  golf clubs, businesses parks,  time-lapse photography, schools and colleges,  local authorities, traffic and road surveys, historic buildings and stately homes, roof inspection survey, builders,  telecom, line of sight surveys, police authorities, agriculture, maps, photo enhancement and restoration,  aerial photo of my house, aerial masts and aerial videography equipment, private commissions, and many more.

See your subject from an amazing aerial perspective

Hire our expert camera drone or mast photography service to-day

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 Often referred to as low altitude aerial photography, telescopic mast photography, or elevated pole photography.

We also use professional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) known as multirotors or drones.

Photo elevate is qualified and insured to use these aerial photography platforms. 

Approved and granted permission for commercial operations by the CAA, 

Holders of a valid Operational Authorisation issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

We also have permission for night operations in accordance with UK Aviation Law.

Together with CSCS certification for site working within the UK construction industry.

We have bespoke Public Liability Insurance for up to £10 million (Project dependent)

Look at what we have to offer

Drone Aerial Photography and Video

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Elevated Mast Photography

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Estate Agent Marketing

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Turbine, Solar, Communication Surveys

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Roof Inspections

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Agricultural Inspection and Mapping

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Wedding, Sports, Events Photography

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Film. TV Media Production Work

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Construction Site Progress Photography

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Ground and Interior Photography

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Line of Sight Photography

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Time Lapse Photography

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Photo Enhancement and Restoration

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Picture Framing

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Photo Printing

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Mast aerial drone photography Essex
Construction site progress aerial view drone mast Basildon
New build site Coggeshall Drone mast aerial photography
Morrisons Witham mast drone aerial photography Essex
Aerial mast drone photography Essex play football Gillingham flood lights
Mast drone aerial photography Essex commercial unit for sale
School photography drone mast aerial Essex

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A small selection of the many clients that have used our services

Photo Elevate pride itself on our customer service and customer relationships

We have spent many years building this honest service which is well respected by our clients both past and present.

Although it is based in Essex, the company covers Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, East Anglia, and all of the UK. so you can be assured that your project will receive quality attention from beginning to end. 

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Photo Elevate Mast and Drone Equipment

Trailer mast Clark elevated photography aerial photographer Essex Mitsubishi Delica


Our flagship is built around a Mitsubishi Delica which is best described as a 4x4 all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle. Our Delica is modified from standard with additional underbody protection, additional lighting, wide all-terrain pattern tyres, and multiple tow hitches. We can deliver our 100ft trailer mounted mast, and demountable 50ft mast and drone systems to almost any location.

The interior of the vehicle has been customized to provide a mobile studio and control center. It is fitted with a split charge battery system and 220v inverter to power onboard equipment. Our state of the art computer system controls all mast and camera functions remotely. We also incorporate Photoshop editing facilities and we can print images on site if required.

Clients are welcome on board to view live images and provide input or direction for their desired shots.


We use pneumatically operated telescopic mast systems ranging in height from 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft versions depending on the application needed. These have fewer restrictions and limitations than drones and are ideal in areas where it is not safe or legal to fly. Such as congested or sensitive locations. We have full ground control of cameras including pan, tilt, zoom, shutter, live view. 

Our 100ft pneumatic trailer mounted mast which is one of the tallest in the country. 

It is used when photographing large sites, line of sight surveys, and tall structures.

We have two 50ft pneumatic masts, one that fits onto the vehicle or a tripod for general use where extreme heights are not required.

Our second 50ft pneumatic mast is attached to a customised electric buggy, which provides rapid deployment of equipment in locations where vehicle access is restricted, ideal for golf courses, leisure parks, and inside large buildings.

We also have a 25ft push up tripod mounted pole, ideal for quick response and low level roof inspections.

Our camera of choice for mast work is Canon with a selection of Canon and Sigma wide-angle / telephoto lenses for all occasions.

Unlike many other companies, our photographers have the capability to use DSLR cameras at heights up to 100ft. Our preferred choice is DSLR cameras these offer a far higher image quality than any hybrid or compact camera. They also provide the option to shoot in RAW format with over a billion more colours. We also use when necessary Canon PowerShot cameras.


Drone photographer Essex dji inspire
CAA logo BMFA logo

Tarot 960 Hexcopter with Sony - CX730E camera HDR video, 24.1 MP stills

Inspire 1 Pro with X5 camera 4k video 16MP stills

Inspire 2 with X5S camera 4k video 20.8MP stills.

Survey 2 Red + NIR Camera setup for NDVI Vegetation monitoring

DJI Mini 2


DJI MFT 15mm/1.7 ASPH

Olympus LM.Zuiko 14‑42mm 1:3.5‑5.6 EZ

Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm/2.0

Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm/1.8

Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm/1.8

Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8

Together with a selection of polar pro ND filters.

Prop guards can be fitted when close working with talent or subject.

We have multiple batteries and chargers to keep down time to a minimum.

All drones have dual operation for pilot and camera operator - giving live view and complete control over camera settings

We provide a 23” HD self-contained monitor to enable director or client to view live images from camera, and direct the shot.

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Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Aircraft Aerial Photographer Essex
Aerial Photography Essex

Photo Elevate also have a Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Aircraft and pilot on our team. 

This craft is ideal for higher altitude and large demanding projects, where a drone would not be suitable.

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