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We specialize in high-quality image editing. Within budget, on time, and in accordance with your style and standards.


  • Real estate image enhancement
  • Resizing of Images 
  • Perspective Correction 
  • Image Blending 
  • Adjusting image exposure 
  • HDR effect  
  • Repair/restore old damaged photo's
  • Removal of unwanted objects
  • Brighten unwanted shadows
  • Drone Photo Retouching Service 
  • Colour Cast removal 
  • Image Cropping & Rotation
  • Adding or replacing people, skies
  • Fix for white balance 
  • Correction of tones/dull colours
  • Day to Dusk Conversions  
  • Removal of Reflections 

  • Photo merging/Product cut-out 
  • Automobiles editing
  • Lense correction
  • Hide dark circles under eyes
  • Brace removal, smoothing harsh edges 
  • Colour correct makeup
  • Eyeglass glare masking 
  • Lips and eyes correction
  • Natural beauty retouching 
  • Face skin smoothing and retouching
  • Stray hair removal, hair colour change 
  • Teeth fixing, whitening
  • Skin tone adjusting 
  • Body shape correction
  • Smoothing clothes creasers 
  • Hair colour correction
  • Portrait toning, skin colour correct 

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Sky replacement, enhance image, colour
Object removal from photograph, Maidenhead, Clone out cables

Photo Elevate has earned a reputation for producing high-quality work for any application. Our decades of experience means that we also understand how to prep and handle files correctly which has been invaluable when dealing with professional photographers and the imaging industry.

We have worked closely with many clients over many years and have an unwavering commitment that the final outcome should always respect & preserve the character and style of the photographer’s art. We believe that it is our eye for detail and ability to achieve a far more natural result that enables us to achieve this and to therefore take on almost any project.
Portrait enhance colour correction photo elevate

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On top of that we love what we do, Photo Elevate is down to earth and flexible, we have an extremely high work ethic.

Please feel free to contact us for any type of imaging requirements you may have. We would be delighted to hear your comments.

Wedding photograph restoration, black and white, repair damaged photograph

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