PHOTO ELEVATE         Low altitude mast and drone aerial photography         

Ground Based Aerial Elevated Mast and drone Photography/Video


Established in 2005

Photo Elevate are one of the major players in the UK's field of mast and drone photography

 Working with production and media companies, advertising agencies, estate agents, building and archaeological surveys, architects, insurance claims, outdoor functions and sporting events, weddings, hotels, golf clubs and businesses, and many many more.

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 Often referred to as low altitude aerial photography, telescopic mast photography or elevated pole photography.

We also use professional UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) known as multirotors or drones.

Photo elevate is qualified and insured to use these platforms, and been approved and granted permission for commercial operations by the CAA

We also have permission for night operations in accordance with UK Aviation Law.

Together with CSCS certification for site working within the UK construction industry.


Imagine being able to have your subject photographed from up to 400ft in the air.

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Photo Elevate is a friendly professional company fully equipped and competent to carry out all photography work to the highest standards.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and customer relationships,

We have spent many years building this honest service which is well respected by our clients both past and present.

Although it is based in Essex, the company covers all UK 

Photo Elevate  Equipment


Mast Systems


Our flagship is built around a Mitsubishi Delica which is best described as a 4x4 all terrain multi purpose vehicle. Our Delica is modified from standard with additional under body protection, additional lighting, wide all terrain pattern tyres and multiple tow hitches to deliver our 100ft trailer mounted mast, and demountable 50ft mast and drone systems to almost any location.


The interior of the vehicle has been customised to provide a mobile studio and control centre. It is fitted with a split charge battery system and 220v inverter to power onboard equipment. Our state of the art computer system controls all mast and camera functions remotely. We also incorporate Photoshop editing facilities and GPS positioning software. We are able print images on site if required.

Clients are welcome on board to view live images and provide input or direction for their desired shots.


100ft trailer mounted mast which is one of the tallest in the country. We use this when photographing large sites, line of sight surveys and tall structures.




We have two 50ft masts one that fits onto the vehicle or portable tripod for general use where extreme heights are not required.

Our second 50ft mast is attached to a customised electric buggy, which provides rapid deployment of equipment in locations where vehicle access is restricted, ideal for golf courses, leisure parks and inside large buildings.


Our camera of choice is Canon

Unlike any other companies we have the capability to use DSLR cameras at heights up to 100ft. Our preferred choice are DSLR cameras these offer a far higher image quality than any hybrid or compact camera. They also provide the option to shoot in RAW format which presents us with over a billion more colours than a hybrid or compact. Having said that we do when nessesary use canon powershot cameras.

We also have a selection of Canon and Sigma wide angle / tele photo lenses and filters for all occasions.


We carry on board all Health and Safety equipment necessary to carry out our work in a proper manner. A full risk assessment is carried out for each location and all Health and Safety precautions are conformed to.


Photo Elevate are able to capture amazing aerial images of property, landscapes, surveys and events. Using this unique equipment enables the photographer to take stunning pictures not normally seen from the ground. Also at a considerable saving against the cost of using a similar aircraft based system.


The latest professional digital camera's are used for all the photographic shots, which in turn are mounted to a remote controlled pan and tilt unit fixed to the mast head. When all this is extended to the required height the camera is remotely controlled from below via a down link to our computer system. Once the desired shots are selected and taken the images are then transferred to the hard drive ready for copy and print on site. 


High-resolution digital copies of the images that have been taken can be burned onto a CD-ROM or emailed for presentation to the client along with any selected A4 photographic prints of the subject using a Canon printer with 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution for maximum clarity.


Tel: 07757 417066